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Writing in almost all professions-in the business world, in publishing, in scientific laboratories, in the halls of Congress, etc.-is not the lonely activity that it often is on a university campus. Good writers everywhere ask colleagues, supervisors, and test audiences to read early drafts of their writing. Writing Labs (Centers) on university campuses serve the natural function of first (second, third . . .) readers.

The Writing Lab’s Goal

Our goal is to produce better writers, not necessarily better individual pieces of writing.

We, of course, believe that if we do the first part, the writers will do the second. Consequently, we do not promise students (and teachers) perfect papers at the conclusion of each conference, but we can promise that we will help hard-working students learn how to improve their own writing.

The Writing Lab’s Role in the Writing Process

Our role is to serve as a test audience and as writing coaches.

Our faculty and peer consultants are skilled judges of writing. We can help writers determine if their writing (essays, letters, personal statements, etc.) fulfills their intentions. If it does not, the consultant serves much the same function as a director in theater or a coach in athletics, devising and describing possible solutions. Like a director or a coach, a writing consultant does not perform the activity but advises writers about how to perform certain writing tasks for themselves. At the editing stage, for instance, we will not proofread, but we will help writers learn how to proofread for and correct their own errors.

Services We Offer


Consultants teach techniques of writing an essay with a sound thesis, thorough support, and clear organization. They will review any kind of written communication: compositions, research papers, journal articles, lab reports, and job and graduate school applications.


The Writing Lab library contains rhetoric textbooks, guides for writing research papers, grammar handbooks, grammar exercises, and pamphlets. Many of the books you may borrow; the pamphlets and exercises are free handouts.

The Writing Lab’s Clientele

Any UIndy writer (undergraduate, graduate, faculty, staff) at whatever stage of writing, be it searching for a topic, developing a thesis and support, organizing, or editing for correctness, may make use of our services.

As coaches of writing, we work with writers at their level. As they develop confidence, we challenge and encourage them to further refine their skills. Thus, we welcome experienced and competent writers who want to make their writing still better, and we welcome writers who feel they are struggling. (What writer has not felt the struggle at some time or another?)

Writing Lab Conferences

Please use the “Schedule Appointment” button to schedule an appointment for a Writing Lab conference.  If it is your first visit to the site, the scheduling system will first ask you to register before you can sign on and make an appointment. By registering on the site you are agreeing to the Writing Lab’s terms of use which can be read on our scheduling site or downloaded on this page. Making an appointment is the only way to guarantee a conference.


Please Note: Access to Writing Lab Scheduling is restricted to UIndy students and employees.

Get the most out of your session

To get the most out of your session with your tutor, review these recommendations for  before, during, and after your appointment.

Watch this video to learn more about the UIndy Writing Lab. 


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