University of Indianapolis

University Leadership

The University is governed by a Board of Trustees that includes the resident bishop of the Indiana Area United Methodist Church, the president of the University and the president of the Alumni Association as ex officio members. The Board sets policy and goals, oversees the University’s finances, approves academic programs and authorizes the awarding of degrees.

The Interim President of UIndy is Phil Terry, who oversees operations of the University with the assistance of his senior leadership team, the Cabinet

Committees of the University 

Athletics Committee
Offers advice and counsel regarding issues concerning the intercollegiate athletics program

Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Act as advisory board to the President on issues regarding campus diversity, campus climate, and more

Faculty/Staff Benefits Committee
Acts in an advisory capacity and make recommendations to University Leadership concerning a benefits package that meets the needs of the employees while being financially sustainable for the Univesity.

Faculty Handbook Committee
Reviews the Faculty Handbook on a regular basis and makes recommendations for changes and additions.

Health & Wellness Committee
Charged with creating and fostering an environment designed to promote better health.

Honorary Degree Committee
Recommends the names of individuals to be considered for honorary degrees.

Quality Committee
Provide feedback on UIndy’s Assurance System, monitor the Quality Project, promote awareness and provide education on the Criteria for Accreditation, sponsor the May Assessment Fair

Retention Committee
Offers advice and counsel regarding questions of enrollment, retention and graduation

Risk & Compliance Committee
General responsibility to oversee the University’s risk and compliance programs, policies, and procedures

Staff Achievement Awards Committee
Selects recipients, reviews criteria for the awards and considers ideas for new award categories.

Sustainability Committee
Cultivate a culture of environmental responsibility in which the entire UIndy community is aware of, engaged in, and committed to advancing environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

Teacher of the Year Committee
Solicits, receives, and evaluates nominations for the annual award for outstanding teacher.

University Assessment Committee
Serves to provide a university-wide perspective on assessment as it is carried out in undergraduate and graduate programs.

University Lecture Series Committee
Coordinates advance planning for the annual series of lectures and public events in the context of the four University Learning Goals.

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