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The goal of the Department of Theatre at the University of Indianapolis is to develop the skills, crafts, and imaginations of its students within the liberal arts context. The curriculum encompasses the areas of acting, directing, production, scenic design, lighting, dramatic literature, theatre history, and play analysis. This broad preparation at the undergraduate level develops a foundation for any theatre specialization. We strive to help our students acquire and develop the tools they will need in order to succeed in their future pursuits.

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Nora: A Doll’s House

by Stef Smith
Dates & Times: Nov. 10-12, 17-19 @ 8:00 PM | Nov. 13 @ 2:00 PM
Location: Studio Theatre (Basement of Esch under Ransburg Auditorium)

Nora is the perfect wife and mother, but does she really have everything? Does she actually have a choice? This re-interpretation of Ibsen’s groundbreaking play uses the plight of Nora to examine three milestones within the feminist movement, from suffrage, the 60s, and into the present day.

Tickets Go Live on Eventbrite Oct. 10, 2022

Advanced Reservations are highly recommended

Theatre For Youth: Treasure Island | March 3rd-5th

Evil Dead: The Musical | April 13th-22nd

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Student Achievement Form
This form is for students to fill out to keep the department updated on the achievements of the students outside of the university, and outside of the department. 

Weekly Conflict Schedule Template for Audition and Crew Call Google Forms.

Download a copy of the above template and save it with your first and last name, and the show for which you are submitting your conflict schedule.

Theatre Script Archives List 
This document contains multiple tabs of information.