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Annual recognition and leadership banquet

The Annual Recognition and Leadership Banquet is held at the end of each spring semester.

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Learn more about the awards and recipients below!

Advisor of the Year

The Advisor of the Year Award is given to a full-time faculty or staff member who has served a registered student organization for the entire academic year in a supportive and positive manner.

Previous Year’s Winners:

  • 2021 – Francine Carter (Healing Hounds & Social Work Association)
  • 2020 – Dr. Eduard Arriaga (Student Organization of Latinos)
  • 2019 – D’ana Downing (Black Student Association)
  • 2018 – Jeffrey Barnes (UIndy PRIDE)

Student Organization of the Year

The Student Organization of the Year Award is presented to a registered student organization that has exceeded the expectations inherent in their stated purpose and function through membership, philanthropy efforts, and/or event planning.

Previous Year’s Award Winners:

  • 2021 – Healing Hounds
  • 2020 – UIndy Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America
  • 2019 – UIndy Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America
  • 2018 – Crimsonettes Dance Team

Student Leader(s) of the Year

Previous Year’s Award Winners:

  • 2021 – Nicolette Schlup, Craig Chigadza
  • 2020 – Taylor Lahrman
  • 2019 – Erin Pool
  • 2018 – Stephen Cox

Emerging Leaders of the Year

The Emerging Leader Award will be given to an individual (or individuals) in their first or second year at UIndy. The person(s) selected will best exemplify student leadership through the impact they have made in their various roles and the UIndy community.

Previous Year’s Award Winners:

  • 2021 – Abi Postma, Arianna Stephens
  • 2020 – Mary Nahlen, Christian Thomas
  • 2019 – Craig Chigadza
  • 2018 – Brad Moon

Mindy Owens Outstanding Junior Award

The Mindy Owens Outstanding Junior Leadership Award has been created to commemorate the achievements and impact of a former student at the University of Indianapolis. Mindy Owens served as an inspiration to students, faculty, and staff. She was a music major that found a way to put a positive spin on battling cancer while at UIndy. Mindy was always upbeat, optimistic, an incredible example for everyone she encountered. She received honors from the Indiana State Legislature, recognizing perseverance in continuing her studies. This award is given each year in honor of Mindy Owens, for her spirit and dedication to the University.

Previous Year’s Award Winners:

  • 2021 – Payton Berger, Angela Weisenbach, Jayla Gregory, Layla Martinez, Thomasina Smith, Marietta Williams, Caitlin Sawin, Michael Dunn
  • 2020 – Sydney Perry, Devin Jaremczuk, Ally Nickerson, Lauren Bailey, Amy Doren, Kira Krause, Craig Chigadza
  • 2019 – Brianna Aragon, Jaliah Blakley, Brittany Lake, Deah Long, Brad Moon, Deshon Riley, Neicey Ross, Jamarcus Walker, Karlee Taylor, Hannah White
  • 2018 – Natalie Benson, Taylor Carpenter, Nikolaus Clark, Grace Kinsey, Erin Pool, Sydney Reynolds, Zechariah Saenz

Ron Strain Outstanding Senior Leader Award

The Outstanding Senior Leader Awards were developed to recognize the namesake of the Honor College’s, Ron Strain, to commemorate his achievements and contributions to the University. He met his wife Laura while students at UIndy and he served on the Board of Trustees for three years.  During his career, he served as treasurer and vice president with Miller Brewing Company In Milwaukee. Ron, who passed away in 2015,  exemplified the UIndy experience, using his education as a foundation for success as a business and community leaders.  We remember him today by granting this award in his name.

Previous Year’s Award Winners: 

  • 2021 – Sydney Perry, Devin Jaremczuk, Ally Nickerson, Amy Doren, Craig Chigadza, Samantha Mundt, Tatyana Gray, Nick Coffey, Spencer Burton, Tyshara Loynes, Fred Hunter, Chase Frazier, Katrinia Hopkins
  • 2020 – Karlee Taylor, Brianna Aragon, Brad Moon, Cassandra Lombardo, Jailah Blakely, Brayton Lipperd, David Hardey, Taylor Lahrman, Hannah White, Deshon Riley, Jasmine Coe
  • 2019 – Natalie Benson, Zoe Berg, Taylor Carpenter, Kacie Johnson, Adam Lutgring, Corey Nack, Erin Pool, Johana Rosendo Guerrero, Yolanda Vidal, Kara Wagoner
  • 2018 – Lauren Bryant, Schuylar Casto, Stephen Cox, Jabree Bond-Flournoy, Caleb Gabler, Nehal Gajjar, Emily Hiland-Freck, Juliana Rohrmoser, Emily Sands, Molly Wolfe

Residence Life Awards

The following awards are presented to students who show leadership within the residence halls each year:

Apartment Community Assistant of the Year – This award is selected by peers and professional staff to acknowledge the individual who most embodies the successful efforts of student staff leader in Residence Life here at UIndy.

Resident Assistant of the Year – Awarded annually to the Resident Assistant, selected by their peers and professional staff, as the individual who most embodies the successful efforts of student staff leader in Residence Life here at UIndy.

Living Area of the Year – This award acknowledges the residential community with the highest level of student engagement and has demonstrated the ability to create a supportive and transformational residential experience.

Peer Mentor of the Year – Awarded to acknowledge the individual with a great amount of academic support to residential students.

Living-Learning Community Awards – A variety of awards to honor student leaders who have created an impactful experience for students who reside in a LLC.


2021 Award Winners

  • Hall Council of the Year: Cory-Bretz
  • Residence Life Inclusive Excellence Award: Ky Marcayda
  • Outstanding RA Programmer: Audrey Kline
  • Outstanding ACA Programmer: Fred Hunter
  • Outstanding RA of the Year Nick Coffey
  • Outstanding ACA of the Year: Craig Chigadza
  • Residential Community of the Year: Cory-Bretz
  • LLC Hall Council Rep. of the Year: Jae Bolen
  • LLC Students of the Year: J’Yan Jackson, Kristin Sawin, Nicholas Diprima, Breasia Willians
  • LLC of the Year: Engineering
  • LLC RA’s of the Year: Antonio Toliver & Savanna Yates
  • LLC Faculty Member of the Year: Dr. James (Jim) Williams
  • LLC Program of the Year: Lauren Wright – Don’t Touch My Hair Program
  • Peer Mentor of the Year: Leslie Samperio

Grady's Gratitude Award

Grady joined the UIndy family on November 20, 2019. He wants to recognize a fellow Greyhound for everything they have done to make his new home a special place. Grady’s Gratitude Award will be given to a student whose actions will make a lasting impact on our campus community and help enhance the UIndy experience for future Greyhounds.

Previous Year’s Award Winners:

  • 2021 – Destinee Ward, David Carpenter
  • 2020 – Jennifer Ruiz, Hannah White

Professional Edge Awards

The award recipients recognized by Professional Edge go above and beyond to provide amazing service and support within their positions on UIndy’s campus.

This award is recognized by the Professional Edge Center. Please contact for more information or to recognize a student employee.

Previous Year’s Award Winners:

  • 2021
    • Edge Awards
      • Jackson Burkmire
      • Amy Doren
      • Heidi Doerr
      • Jocelyn Alvarez
      • Zubair Matani
    • Rising Star Awards
      • Kyle Saez
      • Daniel Searcy
      • Elizabeth Enderle
      • Carly Mabie
      • John Phan
    • Student Employees of the Year – Mya Miller (undergraduate), Cody McCulloch (graduate)
  • 2020
    • Student Employees of the Year – Brayton Lipperd, Anna Miller, Edda Skorikc, Lauren Wilkinson

Bridge Scholars Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Recipients of this award have been selected based on the strength of their overall academic record and their participation in the Bridge Scholars Program.

This award is recognized by the Center for Advising and Student Achievement. Please contact for more information or to recognize a Bridge Scholar.

Previous Year’s Award Winners:

  • 2021 – Sarah Beckwith, Paola Bardales, Kierra Knight, Jessica Smith
  • 2020 – Sarah Beckwith, Justin Huey

Trailblazer Award

The Office of Inclusion & Equity Trailblazer award is given to a student, or students, that lead the way in efforts to promote fairness and accessibility while amplifying the voices of those who may not be heard.

This award is recognized by the Office of Inclusion and Equity. Please contact for more information or to recognize a student.

Previous Year’s Award Winners

  • 2021 – Tylyn Johnson, Taylor Underwood, Ibrokhimbek Pulatov, Bhumibol Shakya

Presidential Ambassador Recognition Award

Recipients of this award have been selected based their participation in the Presidential Ambassador program.

This award is recognized by the Office of the President. Please contact for more information or to recognize a Presidential Ambassador.

  • 2021 – Leslie Fisher, Sarah Burdine, Craig Chigadza, Zeel Dholaria, Taylor Woods

Center for Service Learning & Community Engagement Awards

These awards are given to members of the UIndy and Indianapolis communities that serve those around them. Please email with questions.

2021 Awards

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student Service Learning Award: Tatyana Gray
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Service Learning Award: Nathaniel Taylor
  • Outstanding Community Partner Award: Central Catholic School (Jacob Weisenbach)

Harvey M. Showalter Future Alumni Award

The Harvey M. Showalter Future Alumni Award recognizes one graduating student who embodies the spirit of the late Harvey M. Showalter, Class of 1941. Throughout his life, Mr. Showalter lived the University’s motto of “Education for Service” in serving the University both as a student and an alumnus and in serving the community in many forms of volunteer leadership.

2021 Award Winner: Karlye Vonderwell