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School of Occupational Therapy Students

The mission of the School of Occupational Therapy is to develop caring and competent occupational therapy practitioners who are lifelong learners, leaders, and advocates within local, national, and global communities. Students evolve into innovative practitioners who are critical thinkers in the development of scholarship, integrating evidence and practice. Learning opportunities cultivate leaders with high standards of professionalism in existing and emerging practice areas. Graduates impact the health and well-being of clients across diverse populations by facilitating engagement and participation in valued occupations.


Faculty Appointment Links

Click the link below to make an appointment with a faculty member via the UIndy Google Calendar. If there is not an available time, please reach out to the faculty member via email to schedule. Faculty do have additional times available as necessary. For adjuncts, please reach out to them directly.

OT Resource Links

SOT Student Resources & Links

This is the EMR system used in various classes. Faculty will let you know when and how to log in for assignments. 

This is the new records system UIndy CHS has transitioned to. Cohorts currently in this system include MOT 2024, MOT 2025, & OTD 2024.

This is the record tracking system that is currently being phased out by UIndy CHS. Cohorts still in this system include MOT 2022, MOT 2023, OTD 2022, and OTD 2023


UIndy Examsoft Link
Use this link to register your account when instructed at the beginning of a semester. Use your UIndy login and password.