University of Indianapolis

Course & Teaching Evaluations (Smart Evals)

Course and teaching evaluation at the University of Indianapolis is managed cooperatively by the Faculty Senate, Provost’s Council, and the Office of Accreditation. One aspect of evaluation is student evaluation of teaching (SET). UIndy uses SmartEvals to facilitate and manage all SET evaluations and reports.

About SmartEvals

SmartEvals is a completely web-based system that allows students to complete surveys on their phones, tablets or computers. Instructors and students log in using their UIndy username and password to access a custom dashboard. Instructors will see any evaluations in progress and real-time completion rates for each course. Reports from completed courses are available to instructors approximately 2 weeks after the end of the course.

Instructional Videos for using MyEvalCenter

Additional Resources

If you have questions about course or teaching evaluation, please contact the Office of Accreditation ( or your specific unit leadership.

Please Note: Access to SmartEvals is restricted to Faculty.