University of Indianapolis

Placement Exams

Math Exam

All incoming freshmen, transfers, and Adult Learning students must take the math placement exam, unless a math course has been transferred from another institution that satisfies the general education core requirements.

Download Instructions for this exam
Download Math Placement Major ChartUse this chart to determine your math course placement based on your ALEKS score.

English Directed Self-Placement

Students who receive notification from the Office of Admission with instructions to complete the English Placement Process should complete this self-placement process.

All new Adult Learning students must complete the directed self-placement process unless they transfer in the equivalency of UIndy’s ENGL101 English Composition course with a C or higher.


Global Languages Exams

Who has access?

Only incoming freshman and transfer students have automatic access to Global Languages Placement Exams.


If you have questions or need access to a Global Languages Placement Exam, please create a Help Desk Ticket to request help. You will need to log in with your UIndy username and password to create a ticket. 

Create a Help Desk Ticket to request help
To expedite your request, provide as much detail as you can.

Contact Admissions at or 317-788-3216 if you cannot log in to create a ticket.

More than one language?

You may take more than one language exam, but you may only take each exam one time. For example, you may choose to take both the French and Spanish exams, but you may not retake the French and Spanish exams after you have completed them.

Start the Exam(s)

This exam must be completed in one sitting.  If prompted to log in, use your UIndy username and password. Make sure you have sufficient, uninterrupted time before starting the 60 minute exam. Once you start the exam, you cannot pause or restart the exam.

Students must comply with the UIndy Honesty Policy when taking exams, including placement exams. See Section III: Academic Misconduct, Cheating section of the UIndy Student Handbook for the Honesty Policy.