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Information Technology (IT)

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Our mission is to develop, promote and foster innovative, high-quality services and technologies that advance the University’s mission. The departments within Information Technology include the IT Help Desk; Enterprise Applications & Development; Technology Planning & Acquisitions; Network, Systems & Security; and Data Architecture & Integrations. These departments serve the University by researching, implementing, maintaining, and supporting campus technology solutions through collaborative partnerships with the campus and educational communities. 

Technology Support

IT Service Catalog
Services that can be performed by UIndyIT

Classroom & Meeting Technology
Project to a flat panel, use projectors, AV connections, troubleshoot projection, present in combined spaces

Present Wirelessly on Campus
Available on most flat panels and projectors in classrooms and meeting spaces, done through MirrorOp app.

Speech to text; screen reader software

Digital Security
Phishing protection, virus scanning and computer optimization, 2-Step Verification, Google Data Loss Prevention, lock your computer

IT Maintenance Windows
During these times university systems may be interrupted or unavailable

Computer Labs

Lab locations
Locate on-campus computer labs

Computer lab software requests
Faculty can make lab software requests

Print at UIndy

Print release stations
Print to a release station, PDF won’t print or is delayed, determine printing balance, release your printed document, print release locations, add Crimson Cash to your account

Manage Your UIndy Account

Information and IT policies
Account Termination Policy, Copyright Infringement Claim Policy, Systems and Network Usage Policy, UIndy Password Policy

Internet Access

Connect to a UIndy network
UIndy WiFi, UIndy wired network, UIndyGuest WiFi, connect streaming device to UIndy network, connect a game console to UIndy network

Download and install the UIndy VPN software

Employee Technology

Phone & Video Conferencing
Forwarding calls, WiFi calling, voicemail, Google Meets, Zoom

Purchase technology with departmental funds
USB drives, external hard drives, keyboards, mice, speakers, cables, cameras

Tech Checkout Kiosks
Laptops and Blu-Ray players available to adjuncts or full-time faculty who have a University-issued desktop for instructional use

Meet your new computer
Applicable to full-time positions

UIndy employee computer replacement cycle
When will my computer be replaced?

New to UIndy?

New to UIndy
Useful resources for student and employees who are new to UIndy

Tech tips for new hounds
Student tech details for before and after classes begin

New student tech presentation
Tech resources for new students at UIndy

HR new hire tech presentation
Creating & managing your UIndy account, security, data, communication, personal documents

New faculty tech presentation
AV reservations, Tech Checkout Kiosks, projection systems, flat panels, wireless presentation

New employee technology form
Supervisors can submit computer, software, and/or phone requests for new hires

Leaving UIndy

Losing access to your UIndy account
Applicable for students, staff, faculty, and emeriti