Human Resources

Tuition Discount

Full tuition for undergraduate and graduate courses is provided for regular full-time employees who enroll in classes at the University of Indianapolis. Spouses receive full tuition for undergraduate and fifty percent (50%) benefit for master’s degree courses taken at the University. The policy does not apply to doctoral programs.

Full tuition is granted for undergraduate courses to dependent children or step-children of full-time employees. Some of the main criteria for eligibility the child must meet are:

  • Never been married
  • Under age 23 (based on FAFSA criteria)
  • Has not received a first baccalaureate degree
  • Is not a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Does not have children of his/her own for whom the student provides more than half support

The Faculty/Staff Discount is available to dependent children only for the first baccalaureate degree. No Faculty/Staff Discount is granted to dependent children who are matriculated into a graduate program and charged tuition at the graduate level.

A 25% reduction of tuition charge is available to regular part-time employees and their spouses who choose to enroll in undergraduate courses. This benefit is also available to dependent children or step-children, provided the child meets all of the criteria listed above, for the first baccalaureate degree.

A regular part-time staff member must work at least 20 hours per week, 10 months a year to be eligible. Adjunct faculty members must have taught six semester hours during the preceding academic year and be currently teaching to be eligible. A one-year waiting period is required before a regular part-time staff member or an adjunct faculty member is eligible.

A 12.5% tuition discount is available for regular part-time staff and their spouses who enroll in master’s level courses.

See the faculty or staff handbook for a complete description of the tuition discount policy.

Tuition Exchange Program

The University of Indianapolis currently participates in two programs that provide opportunities for dependent, undergraduate children of full-time faculty and staff to attend various institutions across the country and receive, in most cases, full tuition benefits for up to four (4) years.