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Defined Contribution Retirement 403(b) Plan

In addition to Social Securty retirement coverage, the University of Indianapolis provides a retirement savings plan for eligible employees.

All newly hired eligible employees are immediately able to enroll and make tax-deferred supplemental contributions into a retirement account with Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA). This benefit is available immediately upon employment and is not contingent upon eligibility for the University matching retirement contributions in the retirement savings program. Federal law dictates the maximum amount employees are eligible to contribute under this plan and penalties for early withdrawals may apply.

Emeriti Retirement Health


This post-retirement health program is designed to provide an increasing level of confidence to faculty and staff through early funding for health care needs during the working years and national access to supplemental insurance coverage in retirement.  It is a non-profit health benefits program designed exclusively for the high education community.  The University will contribute a monthly amount to eligible employees’ accounts (must be age 40 with 3 years of service).  Employees age 21 and older may also make voluntary contributions on an after-tax basis (no maximum applies).

Emeriti Summary Plan Description
Emeriti Plan Salary Reduction Form
403(b) and Emeriti Modifications Memo Aug 2020


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