University of Indianapolis

Faculty Leadership

Implicit in the Constitution is the concept of shared governance—that the Faculty shall have the responsibility and right to govern itself, and that the Faculty shall share in the process of decision-making at the University of Indianapolis. The Constitution of the Faculty of the University of Indianapolis defines and explains the role that the Faculty shall have in establishing and implementing the policies, goals, and philosophy of the University of Indianapolis, and outlines the authority, procedures, and rules of the Faculty.

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Legislative Committees

Academic Petitions Committee
Responds to petitions made by students
Admissions Committee
Recommends policies regarding undergraduate admissions
Faculty Affairs Committee
Advises concerning evaluations of faculty and faculty development
Faculty Affairs: Faculty Development Subcommittee
Advises concerning faculty development
Faculty Affairs: Promotion & Tenure Review Subcommittee
Gathers feedback on how the P&T process is working and to jointly review university, unit, and department P&T guidelines
General Education Core Committee
Oversees and assesses general education at the University of Indianapolis
Graduate Curriculum Committee
Oversees graduate curriculum
International Sites Academic Oversight Committee (ISAOC)
Reviews curricular and Faculty concerns related to international programs
Learning Resources Committee
Advocates for Faculty concerns and needs regarding all issues of learning resources and instructional technology
Lecture Performance Committee
Oversees the Lecture Performance (LP) Program
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Oversees undergraduate curriculum

Faculty Senate Executive Committee

About the Faculty Senate Executive Committee
The Senate Executive Committee conducts the day-to-day operations of the Senate


Promotion & Tenure Committee (P&T)
Acts as an advocate for the Faculty and considers the integrity of the University in making decisions about tenure
Sabbaticals & Grants Committee
Recommends policies and recommendations pertaining to the awarding of sabbatical leaves, faculty scholarship grants, Zerfas travel grants, vision grants, and other grants which may be assigned for review