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I have heard that the University Series has no budget? Is that really true?

Yes. The University Series has never received operating dollars. We work together to develop collaborations between various departments using endowed funds, where available, as well as outside funds (an occasional grant, etc.) that we are able to access from time to time.

Is it possible to pool money from several different sources to pay for a speaker or event?

Yes, we strongly encourage proposals to seek funds from multiple sources. For example, several years ago, the costs of the honorarium and associated costs for the speaker Jess Weiner was split between the Diversity Series and the Sutphin Lectureship. The key is to pay attention to the specifications of the endowments. In order to avoid misunderstanding, We also encourage you to be “upfront” with the various funds that you are hoping to work out a shared arrangement.

Are UIndy students able to access funds for events that they would like to propose for the University Series?

Students who apply for funds must have a faculty co-sponsor who agrees to help work through the logistics of planning and implementation as well as to process evaluations of the event following the completion of the lecture or activity for which the funds are to be used.

We already have funding for our event but would like it to be part of the university series now that we understand the upcoming theme. Is it possible to add an already scheduled event to the University Series?

Yes, we also encourage this kind of collaboration. For example, Laura Albright and a group of colleagues in the Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences have obtained funds from the Humanities Council for activities built around Jean Thompson’s novel The Year We Left Home. They received outside funds for the central activities and now they have engaged our committee to discuss the prospect of creating additional opportunities under the auspices of the University Series theme, which explores the interaction between social responsibility and critical thinking. To explore this possibility, please contact either Katherine J. Fries or Travis K. Miller.

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