University of Indianapolis

Employee Online Training

The University of Indianapolis is dedicated to maintaining a healthy campus community where everyone can feel safe, respected, and supported. As part of this commitment, all University employees are assigned annual trainings consisting of research-based, online courses.

Each course will be hosted online through VectorSolutions, the University’s online training portal, and take on average 15 – 25 minutes to complete. You may stop and start these self-guided training sessions as needed. Your supervisor will allow you to complete the trainings during a typical workday.

As a reminder, completion of these trainings is a performance expectation for all University personnel.

Contact your supervisor if you have questions regarding the purpose of UIndy’s employee online training program.

Interested in extra training (not required)?

UIndy employees have access to an extensive catalog of optional training courses on topics in Emergency Management, Environmental Safety, Health, and Human Resources that are available to all faculty and staff.  These courses are not mandatory or required.  Click on the View Library button after you have signed into VectorSolutions to access any of the over 130 courses available.

Note: Employee Online Training is available to UIndy faculty and staff only.

If you are experiencing any problems accessing any course material, please contact for assistance.