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Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

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Our Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) staff will work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine accommodations that meet your specific needs in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for both educational and co-curricular opportunities.


About the BUILD Program
Full support program for students with learning-related disabilities

Disability Policies & Procedures

Classroom Accommodations Process
What to do if you have a student with a disability in your class

Animals on Campus Policy
Animals are permitted on campus in appropriate situations. This policy is adopted to provide a balanced approach to allowing animals on campus.

Testing Accommodation
Students may need accommodations with tests, including extended time, scribe, reader, reduced-distraction room, and assistance with ScanTron exams.

Info on Specific Disorders

Resources for Students & Faculty

Disclosure Checklist
Follow these steps to disclose a disability and start the process for requesting accommodations.

Alternatives to Printed Materials
Students may need printed material in an alternative format, such as larger print or an electronic text version.

Disability related information is to be treated with strict confidentiality.

Providing Notetakers
Procedures and tips for students who require the use of a notetaker in class

Seizure Response Plan
Simple steps to take when responding to a person having a seizure with convulsions and/or loss of consciousness.

External ADA and Disability Resources
Websites with more information about products and services for students with disabilities

Additional Resources for Faculty

I Only Wanted to Help so I Gave Her a B
Professor Joel Mugge’s reflection on the challenges faced by college instructors as they encounter disabled students in their classrooms

When Faculty are too Accommodating
Don’t overdo it! Sometimes an overly accommodating nature can get the faculty member, the institution, and the students into trouble.

Making Referrals
Follow this process for sharing information about our services.

Inclusive Course Design
Make learning inclusive for all students, not just those with disabilities.