Transfer Credit

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Read UIndy’s Transfer Credit Policies.

Transfer Credit or Dual Credit

An official transcript from the institution you took the classes through must be sent to UIndy at Once you request a transcript, it can take up to two weeks for UIndy to receive and articulate your transcript. You will be notified by UIndy email once your credit is articulated. Students with questions about how their transfer credit applies to their degree program should consult with their assigned academic advisor.

AP Credit

AP scores must be sent to UIndy through The College Board website. Students are notified by UIndy email when any AP transfer credit is posted to their transcripts.

Want to earn credit?

UIndy has articulation agreements with other institutions. This is a list of courses from other institutions that will transfer to UIndy as courses, and not just credit hours. Please know that students must earn an acceptable grade in all transfer courses. Some academic programs require grades above C- in order to meet degree requirements. Equivalent courses to ENGL 101, English Composition, require a minimum grade of C (C- does not meet the requirement).

Learn more about CLEP and DANTES Exams, which allow you to earn college credit after earning a certain score on the exam.

Note: Transfer, dual, and exam credit will appear on your UIndy record with a grade of T, for Transfer. Because no letter grade is earned at UIndy, transfer credit does not factor in to your UIndy GPA.

Please Note: Access to DegreeWorks is restricted to students, Academic Advisors and Faculty.