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How do you register for classes?

New Students

Must attend a New Hounds Day/Transfer Day orientation or schedule an appointment with their CASA advisor to register for their first semester of courses.

Current/Returning Students

Register for classes using UIndy’s online registration system. To access the registration system, a registration code is required. All students are required to meet with an advisor each semester to receive their registration code. Your registration code is a 6-digit number specifically assigned to you and will change each semester.

Look up your advisor. (Your Primary Advisor will provide you your registration code.)

Readmitted Students

Must schedule an appointment with their CASA advisor to register for their first semester of courses.

What do you need for your registration appointment?

Students are expected to have plans created in Plan Ahead prior to their registration appointment.

Students should refer to their major/minor/concentration curriculum guide(s) and General Education Core guides to know what their remaining requirements are and to include in their plans.

Students who began at UIndy in Fall 2017 or later can access Degree Works for an unofficial audit of their degree.

Advisors should contact their advisees with specific instructions on how to prepare for their registration appointment.

When do you get to register?

Semester I 2020-21

The registration dates for Semester II, 2020-2021 are as follows (registration opens at 7 a.m. on all dates):

  • Seniors/Accelerated Adult Programs/Graduate Students:  Monday, Nov. 2
  • Juniors:  Wednesday, November 4
  • Sophomores:  Monday, November 9
  • Freshmen:  Wednesday, November 11

Note: Class designations above included enrolled+earned credit hours.

Registering as A(n)…

Adult Student

A registration code is not needed for registration and you are not required to meet with an advisor. Should you choose to do meet with an advisor, you can contact the Adult Learning Programs Office.


Men and Women’s Tennis and Wrestling are advised by the Associate Director of Athletics for Student Support, Jackie Paquette. Please email to schedule an appointment.

All other Student Athletes are advised by the Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Advising, Andrea Walker. Schedule an appointment through Handshake.

Graduate Student

You should contact your graduate program advisor.

Honors Student

Your registration code is provided to you by your assigned academic/faculty advisor. You should still meet with your Honors advisor regularly to ensure you are on track with your Honors requirements.

Non-degree seeking student

You should meet with CASA’s director, Josh Morrison, to register for courses. Schedule an appointment through Handshake or email Josh at

Reasons you may not be able to register


Check to see if holds are listed, the office listed in the first column is the office which has issued the hold. You must contact that office to find out what is required to have the hold removed.

The last column of the hold lists which processes are impacted by the hold (i.e. Registration, Transcripts, Graduation, etc). If Registration is listed, then you will not be able to register for next semester until the hold has been removed. There are a number of holds that impact registration: Campus Police fines for parking, missing transcripts, accounting holds, health center holds and/or fines, and many others.

Note: Just because you have a hold on your account that may prevent you from registering, does not mean you can not meet with your advisor to receive your registration code.

Override Codes

If you need an override code, contact your academic advisor. Your advisor is listed on your student profile under Advisor near the bottom of the page.

Please Note: Access to Degree Works is restricted to students, Academic Advisors and Faculty.