The Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences

Mission Statement

At UIndy, we think of the Shaheen College of Arts and Sciences as a vibrant community shaped by tradition and innovation in the humanities, the sciences, and the fine and performing arts. We value creativity, and encourage the generation of new ideas and practices. We seek to understand beauty, diversity, history, nature, culture, society, politics, religion, ethics, language, and ourselves. We believe in critical analysis and engaged conversation. We question assumptions and ask hard questions.

We take pleasure in working across disciplinary boundaries to create knowledge and solve real-world problems. We foster the development of discipline-specific skills, and we integrate professional development and community engagement into our programs of study. We are committed to the broad cultivation of ethical judgment and emotional maturity in students. After four years as part of our community, students will be equipped with the intellectual and practical skills –the cultural, social and human capital—needed to live their lives as resourceful, successful, responsible global citizens.