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The College of Applied Behavioral Sciences is home to both traditional and innovative accredited programs in the behavioral sciences and mental health. The college programs offered are in social work, mental health counseling and psychology. Applied behavioral sciences programs focus on understanding human behavior in contextual environments, human diversity, social welfare policies and services, research and scientific principles. Graduate programs in the college provide clinical applications of behavioral sciences through practicum and internship, and undergraduate programs include applied learning experiences.


Undergraduate Psychology Programs
UIndy’s undergraduate psychology major gives you a strong foundation to use as you pursue graduate study in psychology.

Master of Arts in Psychology
UIndy’s MA in Psychology can send you in many directions, from seeking employment at the master’s level to moving on to a doctoral degree.

Doctor of Psychology Program (PsyD)
Doctor of Psychology Program at UIndy is committed to training students for the general, integrative practice of clinical psychology.

Counseling/Art Therapy

Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling
Suited for students interested in becoming a professional counselor and/or pursuing future doctoral study.

Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling: Art Therapy Concentration
Designed to allow students to pursue licensure as a mental health counselor and registration as an art therapist.

SOcial Work

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
Enhances scientific inquiry, ethical decision-making, and provides students with the knowledge to work, live, and pursue social justice.

Master of Social Work (MSW)
Helps you develop advanced skills for working in diverse communities and gives you a broad perspective on the field of social welfare.