Adult Learning Programs


Remote Operations

Until further notice, there will be no face-to-face accelerated adult programs advising sessions.  If you wish to have an online conversation with your advisor, an online Zoom session will be used.  If this is requested, instructions on how to set up the Zoom session will be sent to you. If you wish to call and speak over the phone, you may call Kathy at 317-450-7720. Please note this is a new number.

As has always been the case, you may continue to reach out to us via email using your email account.   Your advisor’s email is Kathy Hancher (; the director’s email is Josh Morrison (


If you have a hold, please contact the department that placed the hold on there. If it was not placed in Adult Learning Programs, then we will not be able to assist you.

Please make sure when registering that you know your current GPA. To stay an Adult Learning Programs student who is pursuing an Adult Learning Programs major, students must be registered in at least two accelerated classes per term.

Online Learning

Tips for Learning Online

The Academic Success Center (ASC) has information on their My UIndy site to assist students with online learning.  While you’re there, be sure to check availability of other resources from the ASC.

IT Help Desk Operating Remotely

In light of current recommendations and to protect our staff, faculty and students, Information Technology will be moving to a virtual-only support model beginning Thursday, March 19.  While we recognize that some support options will require hands-on assistance with technology, we must unfortunately limit in-person assistance to scheduled meetings at the Help Desk after attempting to assist you by using all other remote methods possible, including virtual meetings.

In addition, for the safety of all involved, ad-hoc walk-ins are no longer allowed at the Help Desk.  If you need any technology assistance, please submit a ticket at or call (317) 788-3318.  We appreciate your patience as we work to maintain social distancing and assure any equipment exchanged or handled is properly cleaned and sanitized.

NOTE:  If you have technology challenges that will affect your ability to work in an online environment, be sure to a) notify your instructor and b) contact the Help Desk as indicated above.

All Course Syllabi in Brightspace

To see your individual course syllabus, remember that you have two options:

  1. All accelerated adult courses in the Brightspace online course portal beginning the Monday before classes start.
  2. You can also check to see if the syllabus is shown on the Adult Learning My UIndy page under “Course Syllabi”. Check back often if you don’t see your syllabus at first.

You should be able to find any posted syllabi in Brightspace for courses you are registered in by the Monday before classes start.

Registering for Courses Outside the Adult Learning Program

Some students want to take classes outside the Adult Accelerated Program (identified as any course that does NOT have an “A” in the section number). Although we understand how this choice may be necessary if you are trying to take required coursework in a timely fashion, we also need to make sure you remain visible to us when looking at setting schedules, tuition costs, and course completion records.  If you do not enroll in an adult accelerated course, we do not have a way to track this.  If we cannot track this, then we may find it difficult to make sure you are in the appropriate courses.  We certainly do not want to find out at the last minute we might have to extend your time here!

If you are thinking of taking a class outside the Adult Accelerated Program (again, any class that does not begin with an “A” for the section number), you must reach out to Kathy Hancher<> directly.  If we determine that the course you want is a course you need, we will then ask for a cross listed section to be built and register you ourselves.  This will do three things for your benefit:

  1. We can confirm it is the course you need, and,
  2. You are now visible to us so we can monitor your program needs.
  3. You will be charged the adult accelerated tuition rate.

If you have already registered for something outside the adult accelerated program, please let us know immediately.  If the course is not necessary to your major, we can discuss other options within our program.  To follow, if you are thinking of taking a course outside our program, please reach out to us for confirmation you need it to graduate.

Let us know!

Contact Kathy Hancher, your Adult Accelerated Advisor using your email account.  If you wish to call, the number is 317.788.2107.

Degree Audits

If you are a transfer student and started with UIndy prior to Fall 2019, we recommend you complete a degree audit by accessing the Curriculum Guides and Degree Audits section of the Adult Learner Programs website.  You may also use the Degree Works option located inside My UIndy, just be aware there may be subtle differences as your transferred courses that may not accurately account for equivalencies at UIndy.  If that seems to be the case, please reach out to Kathy Hancher<>, your adult accelerated advisor, to check into them.

To complete a manual degree audit, locate and download the audit based on the academic year you started in our program. You would then access your Academic Transcript in Student Self Service and mark off the courses you have taken (or transferred in) in the appropriate areas.  For example: you started in January of 2019. The degree audit you want is for the Academic year of 2018-19.  This will identify for you what courses you still need to take.  Remember: if the course does not satisfy a general education core, the major, the minor, or concentration you have selected for your program, then it falls into the “elective bucket”. If there are courses that do not seem to be lining up in the appropriate areas, just send an email to and Kathy will look into it for you.

If you began this Fall 2019-20, and are not transferring in any credits, you should be able to use the Degree Works program and not the manual process.

Fall Registration is open

Adult Accelerated students do not need a PIN to register.  The only exception is AEXP majors. Please complete a degree audit to make sure you are registering for required courses in your major.  If you need assistance, or have questions, please contact Kathy Hancher at from your UIndy email account.


If you wish to call and speak over the phone, you may call Kathy Hancher at 317-450-7720. Please note this is a new number.